Who is your “GO TO”?

Who do you call when you need advice? Who do you call when you need motivation? Who do you call when you need to be truly heard? Is the answer to all of the above the same person? For me it is.

ER Spaulding is my “GO TO”

Spaulding would very easily be described by most as very beautiful, sexy, funny, intelligent, stylish and insightful. That is the easy part, but for me, the thing that stands out most, is not what you can see, or what you can hear, it is ER Spaulding’s rare gift.

When was the last time you felt listened to? I mean truly heard beyond your words?

I remember the first real conversation between Spaulding and myself.  A few things struck me as unique ~ First, Spaulding was silent. It was the type of silence that allowed you to get all of your thoughts out, and more importantly, it allowed you to hear yourself think out loud.  When she finally did speak, all she did was ask questions that would further help me to clarify my previous statements….