When I first met ER Spaulding in 2003, I was going through a tumultuous marriage while raising four children. I was also a full-time Spanish teacher. Between dealing with the perils of a bad marriage and balancing being a good mother to all four of my children, I was an emotional wreck.

I began counseling with Spaulding on an informal basis. Our impromptu conversations lead to scheduled doses of mentoring, encouragement and practical advice that helped me cope. She not only became a confidant, but a friend.

In 2006, I started my own foreign language company. Again, I faced the challenge of balancing work, home and now a business. Although no longer married, the stresses of time management and financial discipline were overwhelming.

Again, Spaulding came to my rescue and helped me to reinforce principles I already knew, but allowed to escape me. She guided and mentored me through the many facets of entrepreneurship and helped me to become a successful business owner.

It is because of her mentorship, that I have been able to successfully balance work and home according to my own design. Her structured, step by step blueprint is a viable way to increase your profitability as well as live a brilliant life by your own design.

Jamila Jones

Chicago, IL