ER Spaulding is known for her beauty, her talents, and her love for others. She has touched many lives in such an impactful way. If you’ve met her I’m positive she has left an indelible impression in your heart and made a remarkable difference in your life.

I have had the honor to have this amazing force of a human being called ER Spaulding in my life. Spaulding helped me organize my personal life, rehabilitated my virtues, and revived my business through her expertise. She is dedicated and well equipped to turn not only your business around but your life and she does it in such an organized and strategic way that you will enjoy the entire process. ER Spaulding’s talents are a gift; her gift reaches others and impacts their needs. If you have her as a mentor on your side you are destined to win, succeed, and ASCEND. She keeps the positive alive, gets to the core, and will not allow you to stay unaligned with who you really are.

My business was at its end. She came in such a powerful way to empower me to restructure my thinking. She saw what was missing and helped me from operating a failing business to now a debt free lucrative company.

Thanks is an inappropriate word for ER Spaulding. Your level of professionalism compassion and concern saved my business but more importantly my Life!

You Soar Girl!

Lori Seay


Original Soul Vegetarian Restaurant