I cannot say enough great things about ER Spaulding. I have had the pleasure of interacting with Spaulding in several different capacities over a 25 year period. All of which have been consistent and exemplary.

On a professional level, Spaulding has the innate ability to interpret a situation and translate its impact very quickly and accurately. Amongst a team of trained project managers and professionals, it was often Spaulding’s ideas and intuitions that were deployed, solely because of the thoroughness of her ideas and the way she presented them. She produces and demands very high standard of work, is meticulous, and is not afraid to ask tough questions to ensure that we properly understand our client’s requirements.

During one of, if not the most trying times in my personal life, Spaulding was inspirational and instrumental in helping me see through the darkness. Where I couldn’t think logically, she thought for me. Where I couldn’t see, she guided for me. She basically helped me silence the noise and focus on what mattered most, without her I would be in ruins. With her charge I was able to rediscover who I am, my beliefs, and what makes me tick.

Simply put, ER Spaulding is Phenomenal!