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Hi Beautiful,

I’m E.R. Spaulding, entrepreneur, author, speaker, world traveler, and eternal believer that when you unleash your joules (energy) upon the earth you can design a world you love.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Here’s a little bit of my journey.

I was born and raised in Chicago and I knew at the age of 7 I had an epic vision for my life. I graduated high school valedictorian and received full scholarship to a college I didn’t want to attend. Even though it wasn’t where I wanted to go I made the logical and fiscally responsible decision to make it work. Everyone was satisfied with the choice, but me.

My head was there, but my heart wasn’t in it. As a result, I don’t remember much about my collegiate years and I don’t have strong college ties. However, I graduated magna cum laude and soon after walking across the stage I began to explore the world with new wonder and delight. I made sure I followed my heart this time, but in doing so I was estranged from the people I loved because we couldn’t strike a balance between what they felt I ought to do and my new found lease on life.

In order to keep the peace, I fragmented pieces of my life. I categorically segmented work, family, love, and friends to the point where I felt as if I were 20 different people living in one body.

One day I just stopped and told myself enough was enough. I was exhausted and needed a better way. But was there a better way to be found? I’d heard all my life that you can’t have it all and I had certainly witnessed enough people not having it all to recognize there was some truth laced in that colloquialism.

Then I came to the realization that I didn’t want it all. I just wanted what I wanted and that was an integrated life where I didn’t have to choose.

It was in that moment I got busy and changed my outlook; I could do it differently. That’s when I began my design process crafting a Life + Business that worked for me. Once I began to unapologetically integrate all of my wants, desires, interests and passions into one place where they belonged the joy, laughter and light showed up again.

This is why I am here…
This is who I am…
This is what I do…

Support individuals, solopreneurs, and organizations in recognizing they can BUY, DESIGN, LOVE and have what they want too.

It will all look different, but that’s why it is so beautiful. We are all special and unique. Isn’t it about time you and your business showed up to the world? I can’t wait to connect with you and see what enlightened joules await you on your epic journey of discovery and innovation.

Take a moment and connect with me. I’d love to hear about you, where you are, and where you want to be.

Let me know if are you an…


ER Spaulding

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Who I AM

I AM a system of organized energy

I AM a conduit where information comes to me randomly to be processed as insight early in the morning while gaining clarity throughout the day. Chaotic conditions spawn the nexus of genius

I AM the one who fully understands the completeness of my existence and the nature of its beast. I reside in my epicenter of serene calm

I Am the dark cloud and the silver lining. The dangerous mind, the beautiful and blissful soul, the magnetic energy

I Am the one you dare to look upon and the tragedy unleashed when you remove your gaze.

Still unsure Who I Am

I AM … A Superior Force

I AM … An Act of God

I AM … Force Majeure

Welcome to my world which I Create Powerfully, On Purpose, and In alignment with who I know myself to Be

I specialize in mentoring others to seek, identify and claim their BE (ing) and then become the CREATE (ive) architects to design epic blueprints for their life’s masterpiece

I Am

I Create

I Impact

To give you the safe space to realign to your Soul’s Power and Unleash a Legacy others only dream about!