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Ripped note imageThe Joule Report is my way of contributing joules of enlightenment which hopefully spark insight and stimulate your internal inquiry. When inspiration strikes, I post insights which correlate to the Ascension Code: Be, Create, Impact, Recharge.

Over the years I have come to recognize who I AM as energy. That knowledge and the statement, I AM Energy, feels like home to me. It resonates as the very fiber of my Being.

Guess what? I see you as Energy also; albeit, you have your very own unique Energy Resonance Signature™. Together our energies create what Obi-Wan Kenobi called The Energy Force (yeah secretly I’m a geek and love sci-fi).

For me, I AM Energy was not an overnight revelation. It took years of inner reflection and study; however, what I discovered was the answers were always inside of me. Sometimes the answers took different forms: a book, speaker, television special, or my own inner voice. Wherever the answers originated when they were the right ones for me, I knew it instantly. Their frequencies were attuned specifically for the ER Spaulding channel and I could validate it without hesitation because the message was crystal clear and free of static or feedback. We all have those intuitive moments, more than we care to recognize, when something just clicks and the missing puzzle piece is revealed.

So I talk about one of the Joules of Enlightenment and invite you to lend your energy to the Joule Report as well and activate the conversation flow. You never know, your energy may be the joule of inspiration someone else needs to create and realign to their Soul’s Power.