How Often Do you Get Car Sick?

Many people suffer from motion sickness. It can be experienced more readily in children ages 2-12, pregnant women, and people prone to migraines.

Of the three most susceptible categories, I don’t fall into any of them. Usually I get in the car, buckle up, and get ready for a smooth ride. But then there are other occasions when I get nauseous, sick to my stomach, and my equilibrium is off. In severe cases, all I can do is close my eyes, relax, and attempt to fall asleep in an effort to steady and relieve myself of the unsettling queasiness.

One season my car sickness was so bad that I actually tracked the number of times I experienced this motion sickness so I could discuss it with my physician. As I began tracking dates and times a pattern began to emerge.

I only got car sick when I was the passenger.

Never once did I suffer from physical discomfort when I drove and operated the vehicle, even when it was someone else’s car.

This was a revelation to say the least. To know me, is to know that everything has a deeper meaning than its surface value and I know I am the cause of everything which happens to me. So I began to delve into what my subconscious mind was telling me. I began to explore the mechanics of what happens when I am a passenger or riding with someone else.

The Driver Sets the Driving Conditions:

  1. Temperature Control – It doesn’t matter if the AC makes me sneeze because the air freshener is attached to the vent. Or if the window being down frizzies my perfectly coiffed curls. Just like Goldie Locks and The Three Bears, the temperature can neither be too hot or too cold; it must be just right – for the driver.
  2. Listening Selection – Radio, audio book, or ipod, the driver chooses the airwaves. Period!
  3. Route Guidance – Are we there yet? No because you didn’t want to listen to the “always right” back seat driver; you preferred to get us lost. Even worse, you won’t ask for directions cause Siri knows everything.
  4. Gas Fill-ups – You know you have to pump the gas occasionally on those long road trips because of course you haven’t done anything else but sleep the entire ride.
  5. Stop-overs – It is only once you get in the car after hitching a ride do you find out the driver has a ton of errands and you must sit through each 5 minute destination detour.

You get the point. As the passenger you relegate control to someone else. You are not actively creating the driving conditions, you are only abiding by the driver’s rules. This awareness stymied me for about ½ a second before I reconciled that I like to be in control of creating my destination and any stops in between.

As you can guess, this is a metaphor for life, but the passenger-side car sickness is actually true for me.

The bottom line is we have all occasionally allowed someone else to take the wheel, but in many instances, if we are truly honest with ourselves, it hasn’t been to our best fortune. But that’s ok. Being the Creator of your life is much like driving a car – it takes tons of diligent practice. The more you consciously get on the road and away from the virtual simulator, the easier it becomes. You become a better defensive driver – constantly aware of reckless drivers and potholes. You become a better offensive driver, choosing your route and anticipating road construction so you will reach your destination on time. The more practice you have, you can shift your hands from 9 and 3. You may even be able to drive with your knees (just kidding).

The point is, we are aware when we give over control. Let’s look into these seven major life areas and assess if we are creating the driving conditions or calling shot gun:

  1. Work
  2. Family
  3. Health
  4. Relationship
  5. Finances
  6. Community
  7. Spirituality

Remember there is no judgment here just open and honest communication. Share with us if there are areas where you constantly jump in the backseat. Staying in the house and never going anywhere doesn’t work either. Tell us your ride sharing experience and you may get an opportunity to work with me one on one to put you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Until Next Week,

Create the Destination