I Failed, but FAILURE is an Occurrence, Never an Option!

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It’s January 1, 2015 (literally Throw Back Thursday).

I am sitting in in the living room of my sister’s home with two of my sisters, one of my mother’s (how lucky am I? I have several), and six of my girlfriends. It is our annual New Year’s Day Girlfriend Brunch and we decide to do something different. I proposed we look at every area in our lives, make a list of where we are now and where would like to be a year from then, set our intentions, and have a way to measure those goals against the baselines. Everyone was on board. We set up a monthly schedule and looked to create fun monthly events. The hostess’ home would rotate, we would cook and everyone else would bring the drink. Each lady would prepare educational components based on her area of expertise or passion and we would learn, grow, and prosper together.

We agreed we would gradually incorporate life areas; however, the first areas of focus would be our finances and health. I recommended we all read Tony Robbins latest book Money, Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and we set up a schedule to work out together three times a week. We had our first date set, hostess, and we were well on our way to collective growth.

F Grade imageSounds perfect right? I certainly thought so and it was perfect for absolutely zero months. During the month of January there were 5 out of 9 of us who showed up pretty consistently for our workout sessions and 1 out of 9 read Tony’s book. Guess who the 1 person was? If memory serves me, I think only 3 had actually downloaded the book.

I regroup. No problem. A few kinks to iron out in our new system, but we will get there. We make a new agreement and divide the book into chapters and each woman take a chapter to present monthly. This way everyone would read at least one chapter. Meanwhile, we expanded our life areas to cover health, finance, and relationships.

March rolls around and our meeting date is set. Ready. Set. Uh Oh! Am I the only one again? Stop the press. To say I was mad would be an epic understatement. “Guys, I get it. You all seem to forget I have a life too; but I make time and this is important.” We give it one more shot. We couldn’t even settle on a hostess for the next month. Well that does it for me.

Quarterly Review
• Failure to Launch
• No one is committed to the complete process
• Whine a little bit, well maybe a lot a bit, and keep it movin’
• Find another “Fab Five”

Yes, you read that correctly, find another tribe with which to vibe.

As I sat back and reflected on the transpired events, I realized I didn’t want to let the idea of personal development and group accountability go. It didn’t work out as initially planned – oh well – make a new agreement and push forward. It was still something that made sense, would provide tremendous value, and darn it, I still wanted it.

So I did what any smart business woman would do, I incorporated it as a part of my business. The failure I had with my family and girlfriends turned into the Masters of Integrated Life Design Energy Network. My Masters think I’m crazy, but I tell them all the time I created this group so I would have people to hang out with who liked doing the things I liked to do.

What’s the point? 2015 is quickly coming to a close. Are there things you wanted to accomplish, but didn’t get around to it? Did you start and the progress you thought you’d make you didn’t? Or did you step inside of the arena and get the crap beat out of you?

I’m here to tell you, it is o.k.

Man Painting ZebraIf you know me, then one thing is for certain, you know I am unconventional and rarely do I color inside of the lines. If you are on this journey with me, then chances are you’re pretty avant-garde yourself. And if that’s the case then you have no qualms about re-inventing yourself and any situation you face.

Do not get sucked into the 2015 blues report concerning all the things which didn’t go right. Evaluate them, understand where Imageyou went off the rails, if it is important then self-correct with accountable adjustments, and keep it moving.

Reinvent Yourself or the Situation!

How do you reinvent yourself or at least some of the things you want to accomplish?

• Understand the Power of your Ever-Shifting Self
• Set Real Goals and Take Real Action
• Actively Participate in Continual Re-evaluation
• Document and Celebrate Your Wins

Want an early holiday gift? Me too!

For the month of December we’ll tackle one of the above steps for re-invention in The Joule Report. We will deep dive into each subject matter. I want to make sure that when 2016 arrives we are fully prepared to take massive action to create the life and business we desire.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” or in our case Re-Invention!